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Frequently asked questions - For Candidates

What is Unnanu?

Unnanu empowers professionals to present a more impactful and verifiable profile while optimizing the candidate selection process for hiring managers and recruiters. Sign up with Unnanu by creating a profile that summarizes your experience, skills and education that will be visible to member hiring organizations. Signing up with Unnanu is free.

What is Unnanu Jobs and how does it work?

Unnanu Jobs are cumulative jobs from all Unnanu Hire subscribers for their internal or customer or client job postings. Unnanu is not like any other traditional job board or portal. Unnanu Jobs are unique to our customers. You will need an Unnanu account to apply for an Unnanu Job. Unnanu Jobs can be shared through social media, applied to at your convenience or saved for later.

What makes Unnanu unique?

Unlike traditional recruiting and candidate selection processes, Unnanu replaces text-based resumes and phone interviews with video-driven profiles and interactions.

Unnanu is available in mobile apps?

Yes. Great news, all job applicants can utilize Unnanu apps available in the Apple store and Android Play store. The Unnanu design team has worked consciously to deliver a slim user interface and user experience through Unnanu mobile apps. Applicants can apply for a job, direct message, utilize file transfer as well as engage in interviews, receive offers and get started with on-boarding right from the mobile app.

How long will it take me to setup a profile and get started?

Once you have entered your basic profile information, you will record 30-second videos for your professional summary, education, and employment history.

Why should I choose Unnanu Pro?

Unnanu Pro not only verifies your recent education and employment history, but also presents you as a priority, verified candidate in the search results of recruiters and hiring managers.

Does Unnanu sponsor work visas?

No. Unnanu is a service platform and is not a direct party to any employment relationships between candidates and hiring companies.

Frequently asked questions - For Companies

What is Unnanu Hire?

Unnanu Hire identifies qualified job applicants and enables hiring managers and recruiters to view recommended job applicants through a simple hiring process with an integrated job board, ATS and Onboarding.

How does Unnanu Hire work?

Sign up for flexible monthly or annual subscriptions to get access to the Unnanu Hire product on the web. Post unlimited jobs. Hire the best talent. Streamline your hiring and on-boarding with ease.

Why Unnanu Hire?

Unnanu Hire is a platform as a service model. Communication is seamless with mobile compatibility for candidates for a direct and faster response. Unnanu has a unique scoring algorithm to short-list job applicants to help companies save time and directly connect with qualified candidates.

What is the best subscription?

Unnanu Hire has Standard, Pro and Enterprise subscription plans. We recommend our Pro annual subscription for the best value, as it is bundled with access to our talent database.

What kind of product support?

Our product support is based on the type of subscription you choose. Starting from email support to comprehensive 24/7 dedicated support for the enterprise plan.

Unnanu Hire is available in mobile app?

No. Currently Unnanu Hire is only available in web version. Unnanu is constantly releasing new versions and features. We plan to release a mobile version for the hire product in the near future.

Does Unnanu plan to give to the community?

Yes. Currently Unnanu Hire is offered to qualified Non-Profit organizations with our pro-gratis plan. Please ask us for more details about our community support and our pro-gratis plan.